The Parlok, Knoxville, TN

Johnny Rushing

Johnny was born and raised in Denham Springs, Louisiana and learned his first few guitar chords from his father at age nine. Among the local musicians who would stop by the house for jam sessions was a great mandolin builder named Luke Thompson. Luke took Johnny under his wing and the two travelled to bluegrass festivals all around the country. Inspired by Luke, Johnny built his first guitar at age forteen. As a young man, Johnny went to work on the railroad and continued to build and repair guitars in the evenings and on weekends. After retiring from the railroad due to an injury, Johnny came to East Tennessee for a visit and was offered a position building guitars at Dollywood. During this time, he developed a reputation as one of the top builders and repairmen in the country. Johnny is thankful every day for the fact that he gets paid to do what he loves and that he has been so warmly embraced by the East Tennessee musical community.

Johnny Rushing's Instruments

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